April 17, 2010


Hi Alpi viewers must have been surprised now because there are no visuals anymore! However, Alpi keeps saying Hi - in a different way. It is just I decided to concentrate on my Australia adventure. I thought - why not writing the progress and all of the stuff? Some others might be thinking of moving abroad, too, so "Hi Alpi" may be an other source for those koalas. I will be calling everybody as koala from now. At first, my buddy-koala Grace told me to get a Holiday Working Visa, so I arranged an appointment with the agent and went to talk with him. He said it would take so fucking a lot of time to get that visa, approximately 3-4 months or more. I said, hell no I cannot wait for that long, I wanna' go right away. Then, he suggested some schools which is a shortcut of going to Oz. 

I have found some goodie master programmes in Sydney and Melbourne. I got in contact with those schools and I still wait for their responses. I have been searching for master/diploma programmes in Graphic Design, Design, and Communication. As far as I could find, the good ones in Sydney are Enmore Design Centre, UTS (University of Technology, Sydney), University of Sydney, and some TAFE programmes (Vocational schools). On the other hand, I have found these in Melbourne : University of Melbourne, University of Victoria, RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE), and Swinburne. TAFE programmes are super cheap and they prepare students to higher education - they are vocational. I will try to choose an institute or design centre, though. More research on-going. There are still two months to graduate, though.

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