April 20, 2010


There is a new response : University of Technology, Sydney (Master of Design). This response seems more like a robot has replied to it, but it is still fine or I am too optimistic, whatever. Because in the beginning it says : Comment by analyst. Lol, someone has analyzed my situation, woah that must have been tough for him/her. The analyst says the cost of Master of Design program at UTS is app. AUD 25,000 for 1.5 years. Moreover, the analyst says nothing more, but the course director will be attending to an event at UTS so I can discuss my academic experience with him...Hm okay. But it is my fault because I haven't told the analyst that I was in Istanbul. Anyways, all in all, I know that I can apply to Design, Graphic Design, etc. programs without having Design background as long as I have a portfolio related to Design. Good good.

I'm not searching for Graduate Diploma programs anymore. I search for master programs.
I have an appointment again with the consultant in this week.

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