April 17, 2010


Heyya heyya, there is a good new from Graduate Diploma program of Graphic Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). First of all, I should mention that the program director's email is super duper sympathetic! It doesn't feel like a robot or automatic email replier at all. 

My lovely program-director-koala says even though I have been studying Advertising, it is possible to study Graphic Design if I represent a proper portfolio that demonstrates my interests and abilities. That's what I already have. She says "Our program is one-year-full-time for int'l students. Our classes run in the evenings. They are very practical and cater for mature students wishing to either formalise, develop or shift their skills to gain employment within the Graphic Design industry." I think the idea of studying in the evening is quite cool. It gives me the opportunity to work during day and make/save money. And this part kills me "I hope we might see you at RMIT in the future" Arrgghh I haven't seen her, but I love her! 

Well, I shouldn't rush. I should wait for the other responses from other schools. Actually, I have this idea in mind. For example, if I study 1-year program of Graphic Design in Melbourne and if I like Australia at the end of the year, I might enroll to an other program, like Fashion Business in Sydney. It is just a further possible idea, though. Come on good news, come to me!

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