April 24, 2010


The process began. I have been trying to collect reference letters from my professors lately and I already got two, but I want to get more. More later on.

I have been thinking what I would be cooking when I am abroad. Will I be feeding myself fast-foodishly? Hell nein! I try new recipes according to my taste and I get some good results - really! Take a look at this dish - I call it "Veggie Shrimp". The main ingredients are these ones.
Do not forget to add olive oil, tomato sauce, and wok sauce while cooking. Actually, any flavor, seasonings, or spices according to your taste.


  1. wow!! that must be delicious!! =D heyya, I don't understand, now your application has been accepted or still awaiting? =)


  2. Hehe I invite you to the dinner Lala :)
    You'll be my super sweet guest :)

    No no, I'll be applying in a few weeks.
    Now, I'm gathering the necessary documents, like application forms, ielts test, reference letters, etc. :)

  3. dude it's awesome. I added some garlic too. delicious!

  4. Yeap shit, I've forgotten the garlic! Good point, Kürşad! :)

    Buon appetite! ^.^