April 21, 2010


I have been waiting for acid rains due to the volcano ashes in Iceland, but no rain, hm.

Okays, I'm going to my appointment with the consultant in 1 hour. I'll be putting more and more emphasize on these programs:

● University of Technology, Sydney (Master of Design)
● Macquarie University (Master of Arts in International Communication with Master of International Relations)
● University of Melbourne (Master of Global Media Communication)
● Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Master of Communication)
● Swinburne University of Technology (Master of Design - Communication Design)

I decided it would be non-sense to enroll in a program, like graduate diploma, graduate certification, etc. It is much better to do master. At least I will have a higher title. I need to move much faster, but still I shouldn't rush. Cya.

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