May 7, 2010


Everything seems to be on the right track, but going much faster is needed. Even though I have just sent the applications to UNSW COFA and UTS, I began gathering the necessary documents for the visa application. I went to the student center at college today in order to get the original high school diploma of mine. And then, I have been to the American Hospital to get information on the health check thing. The doctor said I was to come back when I send my passport to the consulate or when I get the visa - I couldn't understand it...Time is super limited. It sucks that everything depends on the IELTS test. I can't do anything without it. I can't make the progress going ahead much faster without the test result. If the consulate sends my passport to me after 3-4 weeks after applying for the visa, that's terrible. I need it sooner. Even though I have the time pressure all over me, I feel super duper excited about Sydney! I can't wait to hug a koala! I can't wait to watch a dust storm! I can't wait to go jogging to Bondi beach! I can't wait for my new life!

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