May 26, 2010


Good news! I can't tell how much these good news motivate me sky high! I received an email from the University of New South Wales today, telling me that admissions have entered my application. Only IELTS test result left and needed! Citing the sentence, "Dear Alparslan Carkci, thank you for applying to UNSW. I am writing to confirm receipt of your application for admission." Even though this is not a complete acceptance, it is a really big step! I can't wait to sit for IELTS test this saturday! Mom and dad are funny by the way! From their point of view, I am already accepted to UNSW. They think my departure date is exact. Nowadays, they concern about their upcoming India trip. They keep asking me if it is easy to go to India from Sydney and catch them up over there in Delhi. Love them! Oh moreover, I can reach to UNSW's student portal by the given student id number, so I can check my application tracking. It feels marvelous! It makes me feel like I am almost there! Thanks a lot for the support, guys! :) Here is UNSW COFA's location in Sydney!

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