May 5, 2010


Oh my gosh. It is the power of 05.05. A post before, I was saying that I might attend to a TAFE program since the applications closed. It hasn't been closed yet! I didn't send application to RMIT which is Melbourne. I feel like Sydney is the city for me. I'm a big city boy. I need some highrise buildings. I need crowd. I need traffic. I need fashion. Therefore, I sent my applications to COFA UNSW and UTS. If both of them accepts me, I think I'll go for COFA UNSW which ranks 6th in Australia and 47th in the world. And UTS ranks 11th in Australia. I'm so thrilled that I am concerning not to attend to my graduation ceremony at all and go the hell away to Sydney. I will see nothing but tiki (a turkish girl model who are over made-up, exaggerated, and parasitic) girls at the graduation ceremony - what's the point of seeing those more and more?

I have an other super duper new! I have applied for an internship at Lowe International and I am hella' accepted! I have told her that I was planning to do MA beginning from july and she told me their internship programs last 1 month anyways. Then I asked "Pleaseee could you please put me in front of the queue?" And the answer is yes, hella' yes! It'll be a great experience before leaving. So, june-july, I'm at Lowe International. I noticed that it has a Sydney office, too. Who knows?

All in all, all I have to do is to wait now. School stuff is getting much busier than ever. Patience patience. I so want to graduate! I want to repeat! Power of 05.05!

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