May 20, 2010


I feel like I really am disconnected with school and life in general over here. I find myself trying to get rid of everything I possess, like selling books, clothes, giving away unnecessary electronic stuff to junk collectors, etc. and I do all of these sort of unconsciously. Don't get me wrong, I don't do this pessimistically, it is just the excitement of a brand new upcoming life.

Today at Advertising Workshop course, the lecturer didn't appreciate the way I prepared my tv scenario. Actually, he made fun of my story, too because my scenario involves 2 male flat mates and people perceived it "a little bit" gay somehow which was not intended anyhow. I call this, distorted mentality. He said I should have prepared the tv scenario according to the standard rules, like putting the display on the left side and the voice on the right side. Mine was more like a combination of visual and worded explanation. I mean, come on! If I do it just because it is a rule, I can't express my ideas the way they are meant to be. Moreover, he added that my graduation would be in danger if I wouldn't correct it. I don't like the way Ad-field puts all of these rules as obstacles in front of us in Turkey. Everything is too theoretical. I'm not trying to get my ideas accepted by others. I just try to make a decision on this one : "Is my idea being debated?" or "Is the way I interpret my idea being debated?" My idea could be negotiable. It could be good, bad, terrible, brilliant, so so, smelly, poof, ouch, etc. However, in my opinion, the way I describe my idea is my business and there are no standard rules in that. I just hope to go the hell away to Sydney and get my Master of Design in a more peaceful, academic, and open-minded atmosphere. I don't want people to think why the hell there are 2 males in a story. This is really irritating and actually this distorted mentality is valid in every speck of daily life over here. I'm sick and tired of it. Trying to find other meanings in a story instead of debating the core idea... How can it be possible to give simple messages through advertisements when the people and culture are this complicated? What I know the best is that some people better watch what they say. (Listen to this song > Jazzmatazz - Watch what you say)

Okay, IELTS, listening section, part 8490303.
Actually, I can't do anything right now related to Australia, but study for IELTS.
According to my test result, the process will get on a faster track, I guess.
Oh wait, I better go to the gym first.

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