May 25, 2010


Hooray, the temperature goes up, my motivation goes up, everything rises above. Some of the courses are over. I hand in the last class works. The week of final examinations shall not be tough for me since I have done almost all the readings before. There is only this Ad Campaign presentation. We will get over it. Saturday gets closer. On friday, I met Grace in order to practice the speaking section. And I will meet one of my lecturers at school today to continue the practice. It is VERY nice of my lecturer to share her time with me, practicing IELTS. I actually take more time nowadays, watching Gossip Girl and Eleventh Hour and of course sporting. They are super addictive, especially Gossip Girl. Before going to the school today, I will head to Taksim to pay British Council TRF fee, so they will send my IELTS result directly to UNSW. Even my parents are very excited over my shift in the world. Dad is searching for flight tickets. I said, fly me with Emirates, Dad!

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