May 28, 2010


I had the last course at university today. It felt great. On the other hand, the truth is that I will miss some of my lecturers.

Last night was terrible. It was just like a nightmare. I thought I was about to lose my mind. I realized the problem of timing. I was going to be late, actually very very late. From the beginning of my Australia adventure, I have decided not to make any Plan B as a principle. I must focus on one and only Plan A. Last night, was the only night that I thought of making a Plan B, like postponing my master to february and heading to the states for a few months. BUT. There is no one happier than me on the earth right now. Thanks Mom and my friend Hande (hehe :)) for the unvaluable support. Mom called the American Hospital in order to arrange an earlier check-up date and I went to the Student Admissions to get a certified copy of my diploma sooner. Everything seems to be uber super now! And you know what? IELTS is tomorrow morning! After last night, IELTS seems less compelling to me. Hello IELTS. Help me make my dreams become true. Don't you ever be an obstacle? As you say, "Opening doors, creating opportunities" You just open the door, I will create my own opportunities. Thanks to all of my friends who have been supporting me on my way to Australia. Sleeves rolled up!

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