May 17, 2010


Not much left till the go-go. After 10 days, courses will be over and then there comes the final examinations. I'm not attending to that graduation celebration. Everybody says "Well, you celebrate it once in a lifetime" There is nothing to celebrate in my case, I'll just get my diploma on July 4th and escape the hell away, man.

I even cannot concentrate on the lectures anymore. I have to keep my mind busy, otherwise I begin daydreaming. Thank God, my internship at Lowe Worldwide will begin in 2 weeks and it'll keep me and my mind busy till my go-go. As a matter of the fact that I can't do anything right now, but study for the IELTS test which I do nowadays and nowanights. I have this optimistic feeling that my test will go fine and I will be able to catch the program at COFA which will begin on July 19th. And if I'm lucky I'll be able to go to Sydney a few days earlier than the program begins and set up the accommodation.

I attended to a cycling tour around the island on sunday and I had a chance to talk with the sports trainer over outdoor sports. He invited me over his office, so we will review the activities together. I might attend to rafting program which will be held next weekend. Exciting! 

 just want this IELTS test come and go., it makes me very nervous sometimes.

Our cycling group, posing during the break time

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