May 22, 2010


I know I have been sounding quite stressful and and kind of pessimistic in my posts by now. It seems to me that it is not the best way to achieve an aim. For this reason, I promised myself to be much more relaxed. There are only six days till IELTS test, so why this mental hustle? I have news! I know where/when I will take IELTS now - woohoo yeehoo! I will take the oral exam at my university's pre-bachelor preparation campus and the exam at Dedeman Hotel which are only ten minutes away from me on foot. As far as I have evaluated myself, my reading and listening skills are quite fine. I try to learn more and more phrases, adverbs, and adjectives in sequence, contrasting , explaining, responding, describing, giving an in-depth opinion, delaying tactics, stating an opinion, generalizing, qualifying, cause/effect when it comes to writing and also speaking. I wish they did not give task cards to us in the speaking section. Let's just talk arbitrarily. Examine me like that. Why the hell do you hand in a card, make it seem hella academic, and stress me out? Anyways, I'll be fine, I'm optimistic!

Instead of IELTS, everything related to college seems to be going great. The dates of final examinations are announced. For 6 days from June 4th to 10th, I will be stressed a little, then I'm done. The consultant lecturer seems to like our ad-campaign. We are almost done with the strategical part. He liked our conceptual idea, too. We will carry all of these onto creative side now. Everything is good good.

Let's get the fingers crossed, buddies!

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